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Latitude: 34.972647 -- Longitude: -92.022329

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As of the census of 2000, there were 9,764 people, 3,601 households, and 2,823 families residing in the city. The population density was 415.6/km² (1,076.4/mi²). There were 3,762 housing units at an average density of 160.1/km² (414.7/mi²). The racial makeup of the city was 95.87% White, 1.53% Black or African American, 0.34% Native American, 1.05% Asian, 0.37% from other races, and 0.84% from two or more races. 1.05% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. There were 3,601 households out of which 42.6% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 63.9% were married couples living together, 11.1% had a female householder with no husband present, and 21.6% were non-families. 19.1% of all households were made up of individuals and 7.0% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.65 and the average family size was 3.03. -- Source:

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Census Data for Cabot, Arkansas

Arkansas 2000 Census Population Profile Map

Cabot Arkansas United States
Population 15,261 2,673,400 281,421,906
Median age 32.3 36 35.3
Median age for Male 31.1 34.6 34
Median age for Female 33.4 37.4 36.5
Households 5,432 1,042,696 105,480,101
Household population 15,077 2,599,492 273,643,273
Average household size 2.78 2.49 2.59
Families 4,327 732,261 71,787,347
Average family size 3.14 2.99 3.14
Housing units 5,712 1,173,043 115,904,641
Occupied units 5,432 1,042,696 105,480,101
Vacant units 280 130,347 10,424,540

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How much of the 1st Amendment is protected on Arkansas State University football helmets

News that Arkansas State University and the attorney general of Arkansas had folded to a conservative religious group and allowed football players to put Christian crosses on their football helmets led me to ask a question:

If individual expression is protected by the 1st Amendment on ASU football helmets in the form of a cross, isn't it also protected for the player who wants to put a Muslim crescent, a Star of David, a Druid, the legend "666" or just about anything on the helmet. The 1st Amendment isn't just about religion, you know. Why couldn't players put a Tom Cotton or Mark Pryor bumper sticker on their helmets? It's free expression, right?

Seemed like a fair question — is only Christian speech protected at ASU? I've been assured by ASU officials that an answer is coming from President Charles Welch. Still waiting.

The cross decal was created as a memorial to dead friends of the team. They were removed after questions  were raised. Then a conservative legal group that tries to force religion into public life wrote a threatening letter. The school defended removal of the crosses as preventing a university-mandated uniform with religious overtones, but said players were free to affix a decal if they chose as individualsw. Religious Righters all over Arkansas are cheering and apparently lots of missionary zeal will be on evidence at the next ASU game. The athletic department distributed this notice yesterday:

“Due to NCAA rules, fans are asked to remember it is impermissible to give student-athletes anything that would be considered an extra benefit, including items such as t-shirts, hats, pins or decals.” – Terry Mohajir, Director of Athletics

Praise Jesus. The right flavor of God still holds sway at ASU. And really: Can an NCAA rule trump the 1st Amendment? I bet the Liberty Institute would sue ASU's ass off, or the NCAA, if a player got punished for taking a cross from a fan to wear around his neck into battle against Utah State.

UPDATE: There will be no answer to my question from the craven leadership of Arkansas State University. Through spokesman Jeff Hankins comes this response to my questions to Welch:

Because of threatened litigation, we cannot comment any further. The letter speaks for itself.

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David and Barbara Pryor plan Facebook Q&A

Former Sen. David Pryor and his wife, Barbara, will take questions on their son Mark Pryor's Facebook page at 11:30 a.m. Monday as part of their continuing campaigning for his re-election over Republican Tom Cotton and a couple of other candidates.

The event is being pitched at "seniors," who have been soft on Democratic candidates despite the voting record of people like Cotton to end Social Security and Medicare as the programs are currently operated.

Here's the page.

People logged in as Facebook users may ask questions and follow the discussion.

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Arkansas unemployment rate edges up

The unemployment rate in Arkansas edged up in August to 6.3 percent from 6.2 percent the month before. The size of the workforce also declined.


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A new look makes Taj Mahal shine

Ethnic food can often be a safe haven for vegans and vegetarians while dining out. We have a decent variety in Little Rock, and a good example would be Taj Mahal. This beautiful restaurant has been serving fresh and delicious Indian food to the city for several years now, and I have frequented the lunch buffet and dinner many times. When I went for lunch a few Sundays ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see the restaurant had gone through several interior changes. Gone was the small buffet line to the edge of the dining room, replaced by an entirely new room lined with hot plates full of curries, samosas and salads. The interior decor had taken on a new sense of lush elegance, with the walls lined with beads and the ceiling punctuated with beautiful lighting.

The restaurant was packed with families and couples, all enjoying the wonderful atmosphere and delicious food. We were seated and brought fresh, hot naan bread and water while we inspected the line for the buffet room, and I was happy to see so many options. Of course, the selection was at least half vegetarian, but there were a great many items for vegans as well. To start, I went for the salads. I am always happy to see salads undressed at Indian restaurants, as some put yogurt sauce on them (something unappealing to dairy-avoiding vegans). The salad station was stacked with piles of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. These cool items always make a nice counter balance to the deep flavors and spices in the curries. In addition to the salad, I was drawn to a large warming dish filled with halves of beautiful petite eggplants simmering with onions and tomatoes. It was heaven. The eggplant was cooked to a lovely, creamy consistency, and the surrounding vegetables just added to the overall dish.

As with most buffets, you want to try as much as you can, so I went back in search of a samosa and some curry. A huge plate of steaming samosas filled with potatoes and peas had just been brought to the room, and the smell was amazing. I grabbed one and completed my plate with Chaana Masala (chickpeas simmered slowly in a thick sauce) on top of fragrant rice. This was definitely the highlight of the meal. The flavors packed into this sauce were so deep and rich that every bite was enjoyable.

If you are new to Indian food, I would highly recommend Taj Mahal's buffet. The items are fresh and well tended to by the staff, and you can sample many delicious dishes and get an idea of what flavors you enjoy the most, while the beautiful dining room is a lovely place for a romantic evening out in West Little Rock.

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Arkansas Supreme Court 2016 rumor mill; already a non-denial

A couple of divided Arkansas Supreme Court decisions Thursday  inspired legal rumor mill chatter about the next round of elections in 2016.

Chief Justice Jim Hannah's seat will be on the ballot. His age, by then over 70, means if he ran again he'd have to forfeit future retirement benefits under Arkansas law. The expectation, as a consequence, has been that he won't run.

Associate Justice Courtney Goodson is expected to seek the seat and reportedly has already begun making rounds of lawyers on such a race. She starts with a built-in advantage: The immense wealth, fund-raising ability and political clout of her current husband, John Goodson, the UA trustee and successful class action lawyer.

Anybody else? Many are looking.

Most fascinating rumor of the day: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, who leaves office at the end of this year,was said to be thinking about the race. I asked him. Response:

I think we should get past this election cycle before commenting on the next election cycle. I'm focused on doing my job until my last day.


Then I heard something more interesting. It was that Hannah might run again, either giving up a pension or perhaps benefitting if someone filed the long-anticipated suit challenging the pension rule as age discriminatory. Hannah has some impetus to want to hold his seat. Some of the new members of the court have formed a dissenting bloc on some issues, including foiling his preference for the next Supreme Court clerk, a chief administrative office. Goodson and Justices Karen Baker and Jo Hart aligned on that issue, with appointed Justice Cliff Hoofman playing a critical role by not voting, leaving a 3-3 split. (It so happens that Hoofman joined with Baker and Goodson in one dissent yesterday and formed a four-vote majority with Baker, Goodson and Hart in another opinion.)

Judges have tried unsuccessfully in the past to get the legislature to lift the retirement age. It's an issue in many other states, too, because of a growing belief that 70 is not as old as once thought. (I know; that depends.) Legal challenges weren't encouraged by a U.S. circuit court of appeals ruling in Pennsylvania this year that the mandatory retirement law there was constitutional.

Incidental notes: McDaniel ruffled the female court bloc — who glared at him in front-row seats at a bar meeting this summer — with a pronouncement on results-oriented decisions by the Supreme Court. Rhonda Wood, who'll join the court in January (powered by huge early money from nursing home magnate Michael Morton of Mike Maggio infamy), was among those who lobbied to retain the 70-retirement rule. She's been rumored to have chief justice aspirations, too. The seat of  Justice Paul Danielson, another justice who'll be over 70, is also on the ballot in 2016. Circuit Judge Shawn Womack of Mountain Home, the former Republican legislator, is mentioned as hoping to join the growing Republican contingent on the court.

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Eight dead in Florida shootings; suspect killed son in earlier hunting accident

The latest gun slaughter came yesterday in Florida — a convicted felon killed his daughter and six grandchildren before killing himself.

Don Spirit, 51, who lived near Gainesville, had a past:

Spirit already had a lengthy criminal record stretching back 22 years, according to Florida corrections records. Reports from 2003 show that one charge, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, came after he pleaded guilty to accidentally shooting and killing his 8-year-old son while they were out hunting. He was sentenced to three years in prison. Spirit was also convicted of depriving a child of food and shelter, battery, and possession of drug paraphernalia between 1992 and 1995. 

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The 40th anniversary of the Arkansas Times

A look back.

Long and long
The Arkansas Times reflects on 40 years.

How the Arkansas Times survived poverty, the Dixie Mafia, the U.S. Supreme Court and Mike Huckabee
An oral history of the first 40 years.

The best and worst of Arkansas Times' first 40 years
From sexy camping to horseradish souffle.
By Benjamin Hardy, David Koon, Lindsey Millar, Leslie Newell Peacock and David Ramsey

40 years, a lot of ink
Some of it left a permanent mark.

What were we thinking?
A survey of Arkansas Times covers from yesteryear that make us say, "WTF?"

Looking at 40
The Arkansas Times celebrates 40 years of publication this week. I feel a little like Jimmy Buffett's pirate of song.
By Max Brantley

The time machine
The Observer and the rest of the editorial staff of the Arkansas Times spent the last couple of weeks flipping through the bound archives of the stick-it-to-the-man underground rag-turned-magazine-turned-weekly newspaper we work for, finding stories and tidbits of yesteryear to put on display.

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Hot damn

I'll not sully the ineffable here with much in the way of prose. And I don't take photographs in restaurants. This is merely some news you can use. 

The country-ham-wrapped rabbit loin at South on Main. Also the situation involving grilled artichokes and duck confit. Get you some. 

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LR School Board will likely vote on superintendent's contract before newly elected members take office

It's standard practice for a school board to regularly evaluate a superintendent's performance and then make a decision about whether to renew his or her contract. But because of a delayed evaluation timeline, the Little Rock School Board's vote to renew the contract for Superintendent Dexter Suggs for an additional year is happening at an awkward time: during what's essentially a brief lame-duck session of the board.

Though two of the current board members — Norma Jean Johnson and Jody Carreiro — are on their way out after losing elections on Tuesday, their replacements won't be sworn in until after results are certified. That will be next Friday at the earliest, but the board has its regularly scheduled September meeting on next Thursday, Sept 25. The outgoing incumbents both tend to be much more sympathetic to Suggs than the incoming members — Joy Springer and Jim Ross — who campaigned in part on their pointed criticism of Suggs' leadership over the past academic year

Suggs' original contract was for a three year period, one of which he has just completed. It's standard practice for a board that wants to retain its superintendent to extend such a contract by an additional year on a rolling basis, says board president Greg Adams — that is, to re-up the contract so that it's again good for the next three years.

Usually, said Adams, the board would hold such a vote sometime in the summer — but it has only recently completed its evaluation of Suggs' first year on the job because it didn't have its evaluation tool in place for the new superintendent at the beginning of last school year. "This will be the first business meeting we have had since we completed the evaluation process," he explained, and said the current board should be the one to wrap up the evaluation by now deciding on whether to add a year to the super's contract.

"The board that goes through the year with the superintendent needs to finish that whole process. The board that's about to be seated in October needs to complete that process next year — it needs to be the people that went through the year who evaluate the superintendent." The matter is on the board's Sept. 25 agenda, Adams said, although action is not required on the item at the meeting. 

As for the superintendent's performance, Adams said, "only speaking for myself, I think Dr. Suggs overall has had a good year— getting out of the desegregation lawsuit, establishing new partnerships in the schools, putting together some greater accountability pieces, starting the cultural change that happens whenever you have a new leader. I think he did a great deal of community outreach. ...The first year is a learning year...but a lot was accomplished."

Jim Ross said he'd prefer the board wait on voting to re-up Suggs' contract. "I’d like for them not to take action on the big issues — facilities, the contract — until the new board is seated," he said. However, he said, if the lame-duck board does vote on the issue, "they're well within the bounds of the law to do what they’re doing." He also noted that he'd also received a warm welcome from Adams upon winning the election, and was looking forward to working with the board. In the past, Ross and Springer have both blamed Suggs' leadership for the districts' troubles. (Springer couldn't be reached for comment as of the time of this posting.)

Carreiro, the outgoing incumbent upset by Ross, acknowledged the evaluation should have been completed earlier, but said that the decision to extend Suggs' contract "is clearly this board’s prerogative." He also said Suggs had done well. "This board in the last 18 months has accomplished more positive things in a short time than a board and superintendent has in my memory, and I've lived here 30 years," said Carreiro. Johnson said she'd need to hear the full board discussion before deciding on how she would vote, but added that "any school district that does not keep a superintendent for more than two or three years wont be successful."

Of the remaining board members, Dianne Curry expressed some doubts about re-upping the contract. "My preference would have been to revisit that contract...after the second year, but not necessarily after the first year," she said, adding that "under Suggs' leadership, achievement has dropped some." C.E. McAdoo and Leslie Fisken declined to comment on the contract, while Tara Shephard also could not be reached on Thursday afternoon.

If Suggs contract is renewed for another year and the board should later make the decision to buy out the remainder of his contract, the additional year would have to be paid for by the district. (A buyout isn't something currently being discussed, but it's a situation that's happened all too many times before in the LRSD.)

Support for education reporting provided by the Arkansas Public Policy Panel.

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Former Allbritton Exec Named Group Manager for Sinclair

Sinclair Broadcasting has named a group manager for the Little Rock/Tulsa/Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA markets.  The new owners of KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock has hired James Killen to oversee the operations in these markets and others to be determined.  In a news release Killen had this to say:

 “I am thrilled to join Sinclair as Group Managerfor these markets,” commented Mr. Killen. “It will be an exciting new chapter for me, continuingto work with some of the best run stations in the country, while having the luxury of utilizing all of the new tools that Sinclair offers. It is refreshing to join a company that sees the long term value of our industry and is willing to invest in our stations to make sure we continue to be market leaders.” 

Killen was previously Vice President of Sales for Allbritton Communications.

ArkLaTex Station Still in Retrans Squabble With DirecTV

The retransmission squabble continues between KSLA/Channel 12/Shreveport and DirecTV.  The station continues to try and convince the viewers it's all DirecTV's fault.  With just over a week and half left, KSLA contiues with the facebook posts warning DirecTV viewers they soon could be with out:

NWA Station Hires New Anchor/Reporter

While it looks one anchor/reporter is on the way out at KBHS/KHOG/Channel40/29/Fort Smith a new anchor/reporter has just arrived.  Daniel Armbruster started at the Northwest Arkansas stations this week.  Armbruster comes to Fort Smith from KTBC/Austin, Texas. 

Another One on the Way Out in NWA

This from the tip box:

The news director at 40/29 has run off another one. Kelly Johnson won't be renewing her contract when it expires in September.

Northwest Arkansas Anchor Going to Work for Hutchinson

KNWA/Fayetteville-Fort Smith is looking for a new morning anchor.  TV Spy reports J.R. Davis signed off this morning after two years at the station.  Davis is going to work for the Asa Hutchinson campaign as the communication director.  Davis isn't new to the job of communications director as Davis left the station in 2010 to work for Arkansas Congressman Steve Womack. 

Former ArkLaTex Weather Guesser Now Talking Politics

This from the tip box:

Looks like former KSLA weather-guesser, "Stormtracker Steve Parr" has landed at KEEL 710am in Shreveport, co-hosting conservative talkshow: "America on the Edge".

Parr left KSLA/Channel 12/Shreveport at the end of June.  Parr had been with Channel 12 since 2007.

Does the GM of Monroe Station Have a Twin

Sometimes we just can't make things up....check this out.  FTV Live points out a Fox News viewer wrote into Bill O'reilly stating he was aggravated with liberals being on the BO show.  The viewers name..Ed Oretelli from Monroe, Louisiana.  The editor of FTV Live searched the name on the internet and low and behold there is an Ed Oretelli from Monroe that is the General Manager of KNOE/Channel 8/Monroe. LA. Could it be?

Sinclair Execs Start Visits to Newly Acquired Stations

FTV Live reports the staff at former Allbritton station NOW Sinclair Broadcasting station WJLA/Channel 7/Washington DC was paid a visit by Sinclair CEO David Smith and other company execs.  Sinclair finalized the deal to purchase the Allbritton broadcast tv stations last week..including KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock.  FTV Live says, "Smith met with the staff and started out trying to downplay the misconceptions many have about Sinclair. He tried to downplay the fact that Sinclair leans hard to the conservative side and tried using the company's station in Seattle as a "liberal" example.

Smith talked about the vast network of stations they own, and how they help one another. Paraphrased example: “Say you want live coverage about the “invasion” – you could call our El Paso or Brownsville station to set one up.” We presuming the "invasion" he was referring to was the stream of people crossing the US's southern border."

I wonder when Smith will show up in Little Rock.

Shreveport Station Becomes Weather Ready Nation Ambassador

KTAL/Channel 6/Shreveport has been designated by the National Weather Service as Weather Ready Nation Ambassador.  The NWS office in Shreveport says KTAL is the first station in Louisiana to become a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador.  The NWS website says the goal of the National Weather Service's Weather-Ready Nation initiative is increasing the nation's weather-readiness so that the country will be better prepared to protect, mitigate, and respond to and recover from weather-related disasters.

The Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador initiative is an effort to formally recognize NOAA partners who are improving the nation's readiness against extreme weather, water, and climate events. As a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, the Bossier Parish Library will work with the National Weather Service to strengthen the area's resilience against extreme weather by taking a leadership role in educating the public on weather hazards and promoting weather awareness activities in the community.

Shreveport Anchor Arrested for Drunk Driving

That wonderful print publication The Inquistor reports KTBS/Channel 3/Shreveport anchor Jody Lowery was arrested last week for DWI.  The publication states she was arrested in Red River Parish July 31st. 

KARK Names New Morning Co-Anchor

KARK/Channel 4/Little Rock has named a new co-anchor for its weekday morning program.  Aaron Nolan will be joining Mallory Brooks and Greg Dee weekday mornings beginning in September. KARK anchor Matt Mosely announced last week he will be leaving the station to focus on ministry full-time.  

Here is the KARK press release:

Aaron Nolan will be starting his work day as little earlier as the new co-anchor of KARK 4 Today. Nolan returned to Little Rock and KARK-TV in 2013 as a co-anchor of the statewide noon broadcast “Arkansas Today” alongside Mallory Brooks. Nolan will now transition his anchoring duties to KARK’s 2-hour morning show and serve as a feature reporter highlighting “local news that matters” for KARK’s evening broadcasts.

“I’m really excited to join such a strong morning team with Mallory and Greg Dee,” said Nolan. “I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy working with them each day at noon. I look forward to spending even more time with them each morning.”

“Aaron has the type of personality and energy that should be a hit with morning viewers,” said KARK-TV News Director Austin Kellerman. “He’s an outside-the-box thinker who will bring new ideas to the table each morning. In addition to making sure you’re caught up on news, weather and traffic, I expect him to leave you with some moments you’ll be talking about later in the day.”

Prior to returning to Central Arkansas, Nolan anchored a one-hour 9 p.m. newscast at Nexstar Broadcasting’s KOLZ in Springfield, Missouri. Earlier in his career, Nolan worked at Nexstar Broadcasting’s KNWA in Fayetteville and spending four years at KARK-TV as a sports anchor and reporter for the popular “Razorback Nation” product. He’s a Maumelle native who graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in Telecommunications.

“This is my home. This is where we want to be,” said Nolan. “I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help my friends and neighbors get their mornings started each day.”

Nolan officially begins his new duties on Monday, September 1. He will replace Matt Mosler who recently announced he’d be transitioning into full-time ministry work with New Life Church.
Nolan is married to KARK-TV weekday evening co-anchor and fellow Arkansas native Ashley Ketz.

KARK-TV is owned by Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.

Gannett to Split

KTHV/Channel 11/Little Rock parent company Gannett is splitting up.  The company announced today it will be splitting up it's newspaper and broadcast television stations/digital properties into two separate entities. 

"The bold actions we are announcing today are significant next steps in our ongoing initiatives to increase shareholder value by building scale, increasing cash flow, sharpening management focus and strengthening all of our businesses to compete effectively in today's increasingly digital landscape," said Gannett president and chief executive Gracia Martore.

 Gannett's has 46 broadcast tv stations and owns and and owns USA Today and 200 weeklies and magazines and community news service Newsquest.

Shreveport Station in Retrans Squabble With DirecTV

KSLA/Channel 12/Shreveport is in a squabble with Direct TV.  Ah, that's right it's that time to renegotiate the retransmission fees.  In a video message on the station's website, KSLA and DirecTV have until August 31st to come to an agreement.  And then if an agreement isn't reached..that's right KSLA will pull the plug on the feed to DirecTV.

At KSLA, nothing is more important to us than providing the ArkLaTex with the very best in local news and weather, along with your favorite CBS programming.
In order to serve our viewers, KSLA has in place agreements with the cable and satellite companies that bring our station to your home. In fact, KSLA has such agreements in place with every TV provider in our area.
Raycom Media our parent company is currently negotiating in good faith with DirecTV. We will keep you updated here, on air and on the KSLA News 12 Facebook page as to our progress.

KATV Hires New Weekend Sports Guy

Well KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock seems to have found its new weekend sports anchor.  Kyle Deckelbaum from WKBT/Channel 8/La Crosse, WI is joing the Channel 7 crew.  Kyle is a Washington DC native.Kyle posted his departure from WKBT on its sports face book page.

KATV Weekend Sports Anchor Says Goodbye

KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock weekend sports anchor Robert Burton signed off Sunday night.Burton is moving to Washington DC 's WJLA.   Burton had been  at channel 7 since 2011.  

KTAL Texarkana Newsroom Evacuated...

This from the tip box:

KTAL TV Texarkana newsroom evacuated today after suspicious substance/device found inside.

I wasn't even aware had a live living newsroom in Texarkana anymore.  I know they have their call letters and logo on the outside of a building on Summerhill Road.  I thought when they pulled out of Central Mall that was it for a studio/newsroom in Texarkana.

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