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Cabot, AR

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Latitude: 34.972647 -- Longitude: -92.022329

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As of the census of 2000, there were 9,764 people, 3,601 households, and 2,823 families residing in the city. The population density was 415.6/km² (1,076.4/mi²). There were 3,762 housing units at an average density of 160.1/km² (414.7/mi²). The racial makeup of the city was 95.87% White, 1.53% Black or African American, 0.34% Native American, 1.05% Asian, 0.37% from other races, and 0.84% from two or more races. 1.05% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. There were 3,601 households out of which 42.6% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 63.9% were married couples living together, 11.1% had a female householder with no husband present, and 21.6% were non-families. 19.1% of all households were made up of individuals and 7.0% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.65 and the average family size was 3.03. -- Source:

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Census Data for Cabot, Arkansas

Arkansas 2000 Census Population Profile Map

Cabot Arkansas United States
Population 15,261 2,673,400 281,421,906
Median age 32.3 36 35.3
Median age for Male 31.1 34.6 34
Median age for Female 33.4 37.4 36.5
Households 5,432 1,042,696 105,480,101
Household population 15,077 2,599,492 273,643,273
Average household size 2.78 2.49 2.59
Families 4,327 732,261 71,787,347
Average family size 3.14 2.99 3.14
Housing units 5,712 1,173,043 115,904,641
Occupied units 5,432 1,042,696 105,480,101
Vacant units 280 130,347 10,424,540

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Former KTHV Sportscaster Passes Away

Former KTHV/Channel 11/Little Rock Sportscaster Max Morgan has passed away.  Morgan was on the air at Channel 11 during the 1980's.  According to KTHV, Morgan left Little Rock in 1989 for Baltimore..then on to KDFW in Dallas for 20 years.  Morgan was in the hospital being treated for congestive heard failure and passed away Monday.   KTHV has a tribute posted on its website. 

7 Is The One in July 2014

Better late than never huh?  The numbers from the July Nielson Ratings book are in.  Arkansas has all the numbers and analysis for your viewing pleasure.   The numbers show KATV swept all but one of the news broadcasts for the month of July. 

KATV Hires New Weekend Sports Guy

Well KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock seems to have found its new weekend sports anchor.  Kyle Deckelbaum from WKBT/Channel 8/La Crosse, WI is joing the Channel 7 crew.  Kyle is a Washington DC native.Kyle posted his departure from WKBT on its sports face book page.

KATV Weekend Sports Anchor Says Goodbye

KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock weekend sports anchor Robert Burton signed off Sunday night.Burton is moving to Washington DC 's WJLA.   Burton had been  at channel 7 since 2011.  

KTAL Texarkana Newsroom Evacuated...

This from the tip box:

KTAL TV Texarkana newsroom evacuated today after suspicious substance/device found inside.

I wasn't even aware had a live living newsroom in Texarkana anymore.  I know they have their call letters and logo on the outside of a building on Summerhill Road.  I thought when they pulled out of Central Mall that was it for a studio/newsroom in Texarkana.

Long Time NWA Anchor Leaving

KNWA has announced long time anchor Neile Jones is leaving the station.

The announcement states Jones will be moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma to be closer to her family. Jones joined KNWA in 1997. You'll find the entire announcement HERE

More Raycom Crap

I wonder why Raycom doesn't tell its viewers the full story as they seem to want to continue to dawg Direct TV.  I would think they would be thanking Direct TV and paying them as without Direct TV the station's wouldn't have many viewers as it has.  Take a gander at what WMBF..yes a Raycom station posted about Direct TV. 

Raycom Media is a company built on local news. As journalists we pride ourselves on sticking to The Facts as opposed to the conjecture and opinion DIRECTV is sending to customers and Washington.

Here are the facts:

  • DirecTV earned $2.3 BILLION dollars in 2013, and their profits were up 14%, yet they profess to be "fighting to hold costs down for their subscribers."
  • DIRECTV has removed stations from its lineup at least 12 times in the last 3 years as a negotiating and political tactic, including another broadcaster, just last week.
  • Since our last agreement with DIRECTV, Raycom Media has successfully negotiated more than 200 agreements without disruption to our viewers. That's a 99% success rate.
  • In the history of our company only 3 providers have removed our stations from their system-DIRECTV being one of them.
  • Raycom Media looks forward to working with DIRECTV to turn our agreement in principle into a final, fully-binding document. We fully support the terms both parties agreed to Sunday and hope DIRECTV will too.
 Local TV isn't worth paying for.  They preach you will miss your news, weather and sports...really!?!?  The internet is available 24/7 with all that information.  Maybe stations can take those pennies they get from the sat and cable companies and get some reporters/anchors worth watching.  Direct TV and the others should hold out longer..long enough to hurt the station's ratings. Then see whose pocket book it really works. You lose viewers by being greedy you will soon suffer. 

Channel 7 Promotions Director Leaving

KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock promotion manager Rob Thomas is leaving Arkansas.  A post on Well Dunn Talent's blog confirms his move.  The blog says he will be heading to Louisville, KY and working at Raycom NBC affiliate WAVE-TV.  Thomas had been with Channel 7 for 6 years.

Raycom Ends Retrans Spat With Direct TV

Raycom broadcast channels, including KSLA/Channel 12/Shreveport are back on Direct TV.  Raycom says it has reached an agreement "in principle" with Direct TV.  Raycom stations have been off Direct TV since September 1st due to failing to have a new retransmission agreement in place.   In a news release Raycom Media President and CEO, Paul McTear stated, “We appreciate our viewer's patience. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank them for their loyalty to their local stations throughout this process. We are very pleased to be, once again, serving them on the DirecTV system and will keep them informed as we work to finalize this agreement.”

Of course the specifics of the agreement will not be released...I would be just curious as to what the "fair market value" of KSLA's signal really is.......

Now we wonder how much Direct TV subscriber's bills will go up.   

Additional: 9.8.14  Direct TV commented on the deal:

We thank all of our affected customers for their patience over these past several days and regret that Raycom and too many other broadcast stations are willing to resort to these contrived blackouts to antagonize the public rather than serve it,” said Dan York, chief content officer at DIRECTV.

“Broadcast station groups who ransom their content back into their communities at exorbitant fees deserve the scrutiny of the Federal Communications Commission and local Congressional representatives. Raycom's intentional recent black outs of DISH, Cox and now DIRECTV customers creates an even greater sense of urgency for lawmakers to review and overhaul this anti-consumer retransmission consent process once and for all.”

Someone PLEASE Tell KSLA It Is NOT a Cable Channel.....

Raycom/KSLA/Channel 12/Shreveport continues to be dark on Direct TV.  What is so funny is KSLA's latest tactics in defending its reason for charging Direct TV "fair market value" for its signal.  Check this out from the KSLA can't help but laugh....

UPDATE: September 5th, 7:35pm CST
Raycom Media has worked all day to get a deal done and offered to continue into the night. DirecTV admitted it only needs under 2 hours to get Raycom back on the air so why are they walking away from the discussions now? Call them and ask… We have an offer on the table and will be here all night if needed to hear back from DirecTV.
We Live Here
Over the years we value that you have come to rely on KSLA News 12. We value your loyalty, and we regret that our service has been interrupted for some of our viewers. There is a lot of noise and half-truths in the media about the situation with DirecTV. Please bear with us while we give you more background on what's really happening.

As a local broadcaster, we have a longstanding special relationship with the Ark La Tex that we have been serving for 60 years. We have teams of people dedicated to providing local news, weather, sports and entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You know a lot of those people. While DirecTV, located in Los Angeles, may not think too much about dropping KSLA from their service, it's a big deal to us- we live here.

The Economics of KSLA
Our economics are simple. We invest heavily in the content that makes KSLA great. That includes local programming, like hours and hours of local news and weather and top tier national programming from our network, which costs us much more today than it did three years ago. We offer all of this programming at no cost to you in its entirety, 24/7/365 over the air and on our digital platforms.

In addition to offering our programming over the air, online and on mobile devices, we also provide it to pay TV providers for a small fee per month. This dispute is about what that fee is for DirecTV. We offer some of the best sports and entertainment programming on TV, like NFL and College Football, NCIS, The Big Bang Theory and 6 hours/day of top quality news and weather coverage from the Ark La Tex. All of that comes at a cost, and those costs increase over time. In fact the cost of our network programming has more than doubled every year on average for the last three years.

We are asking DirecTV to cover their fair share of those increases, like any business would, since our last deal with them is 3 years old. But you deserve to know that what we are asking for is a fraction of what DIRECT TV pays some cable networks that are not nearly as popular in the Ark La Tex. In an average hour, 20% of the Ark La Tex viewing audience watches KSLA. DirecTV pays other content providers that have a much smaller audience 4x more than what we are asking for. Said another way, DirecTV pays certain cable networks four times what we are asking for, while those same cable networks have a fraction of our audience! DirecTV doesn't understand why KSLA is so important to the ArkLaTex. Why else wouldn't they be willing to pay a fair price?
We Need Your Help

Retrans Spat Turns Raycom's Stations Dark on Direct TV

The end of August has come and gone and yes Raycom has pulled a number of its stations off of Direct TV. This includes KSLA/Channel 12/Shreveport.. Oh what's that...that's right Raycom wants you to believe Direct TV is the bad guy in the retransmission spat.  On KSLA's facebook page, Channel 12 wants viewers to believe it's Direct TV's fault.  KSLA replies to many posts telling viewers it wants "fair market value" for its signal.  Well this is day 3 of the Raycom stations being dark on Direct TV. How long will it last...just what is the "fair market value" of the station's signal...

KTHV's Joey the Garden Cat Passes Away

KTHV/Channel 11/Little Rock has announced that Joey the Garden Cat has passed away.  The station reports Joey succumbed to recent health issues.  Joey stole the hearts of KTHV staff members and viewers back in 2007.  Read Joey's story HERE.

Little Rock Station Adds Former Hog to Sports Team

KTHV/Channel 11/Little Rock has announced former Razorback Clint Stoerner will be providing the station with analysis for the upcoming football season.  Below is the press release:

President and General Manager Michael Caplan announced today, former Razorback Quarterback Clint Stoerner will team up with THV11 Sports to provide analysis for the upcoming football season. Caplan added, "Clint brings an Arkansas perspective to this year's full roster of football on THV11. He joins us to weigh in on everything from the Hogs and SEC match-ups to NFL games throughout the season."

Stoerner will provide a Thursday NFL breakdown of the match-ups slated for "Thursday Night Football", debuting on CBS and THV11 beginning Sept. 11. He will also be featured on "The Hog Zone" Saturdays early evening and following the late news."

Stoerner played with the Razorbacks from 1996 – 1999, under Coaches Danny Ford and Houston Nutt. He played for the Dallas Cowboys for 3 seasons 2000 – 2004, then 2 years with NFL Europe. After that, he played Arena Football for 3 seasons in Dallas and Nashville. Stoerner also provides analysis for Barry Switzer's (web streaming) and is very involved with social media. Clint stated, "I'm looking forward to being a part of the conversation discussing the Hogs, the SEC, and the NFL. It's a perfect assignment with THV11 and their "4 Days of Football". This is an exciting season and I'm geared up and ready."

Clint Stoerner will make his first appearance joining THV11 Sports Anchor Mary Dunleavy, this Saturday on THV11's Hog Zone, as Arkansas takes on Auburn in their season opener. You can follow Clint Stoerner on Twitter @ClintStoerner. Follow Mary Dunleavy @Mary_Dunleavy and follow THV11 @THV11.

Former Allbritton Exec Named Group Manager for Sinclair

Sinclair Broadcasting has named a group manager for the Little Rock/Tulsa/Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA markets.  The new owners of KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock has hired James Killen to oversee the operations in these markets and others to be determined.  In a news release Killen had this to say:

 “I am thrilled to join Sinclair as Group Managerfor these markets,” commented Mr. Killen. “It will be an exciting new chapter for me, continuingto work with some of the best run stations in the country, while having the luxury of utilizing all of the new tools that Sinclair offers. It is refreshing to join a company that sees the long term value of our industry and is willing to invest in our stations to make sure we continue to be market leaders.” 

Killen was previously Vice President of Sales for Allbritton Communications.

ArkLaTex Station Still in Retrans Squabble With DirecTV

The retransmission squabble continues between KSLA/Channel 12/Shreveport and DirecTV.  The station continues to try and convince the viewers it's all DirecTV's fault.  With just over a week and half left, KSLA contiues with the facebook posts warning DirecTV viewers they soon could be with out:

NWA Station Hires New Anchor/Reporter

While it looks one anchor/reporter is on the way out at KBHS/KHOG/Channel40/29/Fort Smith a new anchor/reporter has just arrived.  Daniel Armbruster started at the Northwest Arkansas stations this week.  Armbruster comes to Fort Smith from KTBC/Austin, Texas. 

Another One on the Way Out in NWA

This from the tip box:

The news director at 40/29 has run off another one. Kelly Johnson won't be renewing her contract when it expires in September.

Northwest Arkansas Anchor Going to Work for Hutchinson

KNWA/Fayetteville-Fort Smith is looking for a new morning anchor.  TV Spy reports J.R. Davis signed off this morning after two years at the station.  Davis is going to work for the Asa Hutchinson campaign as the communication director.  Davis isn't new to the job of communications director as Davis left the station in 2010 to work for Arkansas Congressman Steve Womack. 

Former ArkLaTex Weather Guesser Now Talking Politics

This from the tip box:

Looks like former KSLA weather-guesser, "Stormtracker Steve Parr" has landed at KEEL 710am in Shreveport, co-hosting conservative talkshow: "America on the Edge".

Parr left KSLA/Channel 12/Shreveport at the end of June.  Parr had been with Channel 12 since 2007.

Does the GM of Monroe Station Have a Twin

Sometimes we just can't make things up....check this out.  FTV Live points out a Fox News viewer wrote into Bill O'reilly stating he was aggravated with liberals being on the BO show.  The viewers name..Ed Oretelli from Monroe, Louisiana.  The editor of FTV Live searched the name on the internet and low and behold there is an Ed Oretelli from Monroe that is the General Manager of KNOE/Channel 8/Monroe. LA. Could it be?

Sinclair Execs Start Visits to Newly Acquired Stations

FTV Live reports the staff at former Allbritton station NOW Sinclair Broadcasting station WJLA/Channel 7/Washington DC was paid a visit by Sinclair CEO David Smith and other company execs.  Sinclair finalized the deal to purchase the Allbritton broadcast tv stations last week..including KATV/Channel 7/Little Rock.  FTV Live says, "Smith met with the staff and started out trying to downplay the misconceptions many have about Sinclair. He tried to downplay the fact that Sinclair leans hard to the conservative side and tried using the company's station in Seattle as a "liberal" example.

Smith talked about the vast network of stations they own, and how they help one another. Paraphrased example: “Say you want live coverage about the “invasion” – you could call our El Paso or Brownsville station to set one up.” We presuming the "invasion" he was referring to was the stream of people crossing the US's southern border."

I wonder when Smith will show up in Little Rock.

Food in the basement is better than money in the bank

There are many reasons for stockpiling a one-year supply of food. The value of food commodities generally increases at the same rate as inflation. Money in the bank doesn't do that. Investing in 500 cans of tuna or in dehydrated food that will last five to 10 years are better bets than putting $350 in the bank.

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Congress Can’t Get Anything Done Because Lawmakers Are Never In Washington

With the 113th Congress shaping up to be the least productive in six decades, freshman Representative David Jolly (R-Fla.) has a novel idea to increase legislative productivity: Require lawmakers to […]

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Resurrecting the Hillary Clinton-Saul Alinsky speculation machine

The right side of the political Internet is all aflutter over a story in The Washington Free Beacon connecting Hillary Clinton, circa the late 1960s, with infamous socialist fomenter Saul […]

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More MSM backlash against Obama administration’s control-freak idea of ‘transparency’

Members of the mainstream media, already incensed with the Obama administration for reneging on the president’s famous pledge to create the most transparent White House in history, met last week […]

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